Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book Acoustic Spirit? 

You can send us an initial enquiry either via our website form on our contact page or via email at or ring us on 07725 105413.  We can send you a quote and once we have all your booking details including date, arrival time, start time and package required we will give you a more accurate price.  The last step is to pay a deposit usually of £100 to confirm your booking, which will also secure your date so no other booking will be taken, we will send you confirmation in writing and a receipt upon payment of the deposit.  You will also receive a booking agreement with details of the event for both parties to protect against last minute cancellations.  Please view our Terms & Conditions relating to booking details.  You can then either decide to pay the balance on the night in cash or 24 hours before the event via bank transfer, paypal or cheque.

Can I reserve a date to make sure it does not get booked?

We can hold dates for up to 48 hours from your enquiry and your date will be secure upon receipt of your deposit.  

I've heard it is more secure to book with an agent and many other performers are more expensive, does this mean they are more experienced?

Agents add additional costs onto their prices, in order for them to collect their fee.  Agents also have to cover a lot of administrative costs such as maintenance  of websites, listings and artists profiles.  As we provide you with a booking confirmation, receipt of payment and Terms & Conditions, you are as covered perhaps even more so than booking with an agent.  An agent will not have any problems in substituting acts within the booking period, whereas when you book us we will not change a thing!  It also means you can arrange your requirements directly with us and you do not have to worry about booking fees or extra costs.  Many other performers charge the prices they may see on agents websites, we do not pass on unnecessary charges to you, we charge a fair and affordable price because we know that your recommendation of our services is more valuable to us than any extra fees.  We both have a 12-15 year experience of working in the industry and not only that we are experienced in dealing with party planners, event organisers and brides to be! 

How far would you travel to an event? 

We are ideally located in the Midlands, UK and we travel Nationwide and occasionally abroad.  Part of our prices are based upon distance in radius from our base, you will never receive additional charges to any quote you have received from us.  Occasionally depending on the time of the event it may be necessary for us to organise accommodation and that will be budgeted within our price to you.

What does your performance consist of?

Our performances are mostly acoustic in nature, this means that there is generally no bass and full drum kit, however you may have seen we do offer a full band option.  Our full band or extra members can add a fuller sound but we will still not be a loud function band, due to the fact that we mainly use acoustic guitar and natural piano sounds, so no obtrusive keyboard synths.  Where we do add bass guitar and drums they blend perfectly into 'our sound' which is more soft jazz sounding though performing a wide repertoire.  In terms of repertoire we will tailor it to your function, so if we are set in the background we will play laid back jazz, swing or softer pop, with little or no talking so it does not disturb your event.  If we are the main act we will liaise with you to understand your preference to style and usually it will be a mix of upbeat and slower songs towards the end of sets.  Please see our music page for a full list of songs and examples.

Do I need to hire additional musicians or bands and a DJ? 

Acoustic music as heard on our music page can be performed as a main act to your evening, we may not however be the usual 'disco' or dancing band, as usually we come as a duo although as shown on the website we can add additional musicians for a fuller sound, we are certainly not as loud as a traditional function band.  Any additional requirements will be discussed at the time of booking.  We do play background music as discussed in our packages and if requested this can be disco music as a DJ would play during our breaks or after our set to take you into your evening entertainment, this is played through a specially mixed computer playlist or ipod and does not include your older style 'talking' DJ, but it will be a continuous run of party music to keep your guests dancing all night.  Often hiring the same act to do your disco set will be more cost effective as well.

Do you play requests?

We will do our utmost to make sure our set list is tailored to suit your function, we have experience in suitably playing to a varied audience and we will at our own discretion make changes to the set list on the night or during the set depending upon audience enjoyment and pace of the evening.  We will learn any songs you would like to be included into the set, for example a first dance this is free of charge up to a maximum of 5 new songs not already on the repertoire list.  Due to sufficient rehearsal and priding ourselves on a polished performance, if not included on our list requests on the night are not likely to be included. 

Can we see you play live before we book you?

The majority of our work is at private functions, however we do sometimes perform at restaurants and hotels in our region and we will endeavour to notify you of any performances you are able to attend.

How long before the event will you arrive?

We need around 1hr and 30 mins to fully set up and do a sound check.  Ideally the space will not have your guests in so we can professionally carry out a sound check for the best sound.  If you would like us to set up and sound check later or would like us to set up early in the day so to not disturb your guests, depending on the location we may charge a waiting fee if we do not have to perform until more than 1 hour after set up. All requirements and arrival times are discussed at the time of booking.

What kind of venues can you play in?

We will play in most venues, but please bear in mind that although we have a good sized PA system we are still an acoustic band.  We can play in rooms that ideally hold no more than 200-300 people.

Do you have public liability insurance and PAT testing?

We are members of the Musicians Union and Sound Sense, organisations that both provide Public Liability Insurance.  Our PAT testing certificates are available upon request.

Do you have to see the venue or have their contact details before the event?

We do not need to visit your venue before the event, however contact details of the organiser and/or host are ideal to ensure a few requirements.  We need a minimum space of around 3.5 metres squared, sometimes this can be smaller or if the location is not square we can liaise to organise the best position.  We may also need to discuss electrical requirements with the venue and provisions to be made if required to play outdoors.  We can attend a wedding rehearsal if you are booking us for ceremony singing, but this is only free of charge if it is within a 30 mile radius of our base, above this radius will be charged a travelling fee of 45p per mile.  Please discuss any concerns you have with us at any time before your event, particularly timing in order for everything to run smoothly.

How will you be dressed at our event?

For weddings and functions we will dress in evening wear and smart dress and be suitably dressed for either daytime or evening events.  Please specify if your event is a particular style or you would request we only wear certain colours etc...  Take a look at our gallery to see photos of our usual attire.